Morth Training Program  full time

Morth Training Program full time

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    06 - 2021

There is nothing so beautiful as a healthy smile.

and orthodontists are responsible for straightening crooked and crowded teeth to create happy patients. Though it takes many years of education to enter this field of dentistry Now it becomes very easy to join the Unique Morth training program during which the trainee uses all types of orthodontic treatments " labial, lingual, Damon and clear aligners"

Important Facts

Ancient Egyptian and orthodontics
Archeologists have found Egyptian mummies with crude metal bands wrapped around teeth. Hippocrates wrote about “irregularities” of the teeth around 400 BCE* – he meant misaligned teeth and jaws

Orthodontics became the first dental specialty in 1900.
Edward H. Angle founded the specialty. He was the first orthodontist: the first member of the dental profession to limit his practice to orthodontics only – moving teeth and aligning jaws. Angle established what is now the American Association of Orthodontists, which admits only orthodontists as members.

There are only 3 orthodontists per every 100,000 population in USA according to the AAO

Adult orthodontics
From 2012 to 2014, adults seeking treatment from orthodontists in the United States and Canada increased 16 percent, resulting in a record high of 1,441,000 patients ages 18 and older, according to the American Association of Orthodontists’ 

Benefits to Become an orthodontist?

Job Satisfaction

Orthodontists go to work each day knowing they will make a difference in their patients’ self-esteem and lives

Positive Job Growth and Working Conditions

Most orthodontists also have reasonable schedules, typically working four to five days a week for a total of 35 to 40 hours

Strong Salary

As highly trained medical professionals, orthodontists can earn high salaries.

Technological Advances

 according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Since then, braces have grown increasingly sophisticated and new developments in the field make orthodontics an exciting, interesting line of work. 

What Stops You now after this unique program?

You don’t have good knowledge in orthodontics like other dentistry fields

You are afraid of losing your stable life and  failure in final exams

You don't have enough money to start

The Simple Solution

Training programme in perfect braces academy ... and here's the program main points ...

6 months of basic orthodontic knowledge 

2 years of clinical seminars and clinical orthodontic cases as You will work on 30 cases with different mechanics and under supervision

6 months preparation course for Morth exam.

our supervisors:
Dr Alaa Elhusiny
Morth RCSED UK , MOrth RCSPG with 2 years experience in educating and training of orthodontics based on British philosophy. He is also experienced in the preparation of candidates for Morth exam who passed with high rate of success in the exam. 

Dr omar yosry 
Master degree in orthodontics cairo uni. Morth RCSEd , he is the academic coordinator in perfect braces with a high experience in educating the orthodontics in kasr eleiny . 

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 Limited seats available for joining the program ( only 12 candidates per group).


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