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Dr Ahmed Salah

MSc degree in Orthodontics

Morth lecturer in Perfect Braces Academy

Content of the course :

Tweed arch form custamization (work shop) Using comoass, graph paper, turret, delarosa.

• 1st and 2nd order bends(offsetd, insets, angulation bends)

• 3rd order bends application (applying anterior +ve torque and posterior progressive - ve torque)

• T-loop for segmental canine retraction.

• T-loop for segmental canine retraction.

• anterior retraction arch wire in two space stage closure with closing vertical loops and active tie backs.

• closing loop arch wire(CLAW) with T-loop and preactivation bends) for enmass space closure.

• uprigting of mesially tilted molars with L-loop and tip back bends.

• uprighting mesially tilted molars with uprighting springs.

• designing a custom made reverse arch wire for flatteng spee curve

• utility arch wire for segmental incisors intrusion.

• accessory leveling arch wire for differential uprighting, extrusion of posterior segment and intrusion of anterior segment.

• 3 piece intrusion arch for incisors intrusion.

• burstone torquing spring for applying palatal root torque for incisors.

• applying individual tooth torque using male and female torquing pliers(postive and negative)

• stopped archwire for proclining upper incisors in cross bite cases.

• ballista loops for impacted canine traction.

• easy canine spring for impacted canine traction.

• cantilevers for occlusal canting correction.

• yin yang mechanics for occlusal canting correction.

• TADs supported extrusion spring

for canting correction by extrusion.

This Course will be on : 

2/10/2020 & 9/10/2020

Required Instruments

- Straight cutter

- 2 tweed pliers

- 139 plier

Fees :

- Early bird before2021 5000 on 2 installments:

1st : 2000L.E

2nd : 3000L.E 

Full packages 8000L.E

You Can Pay via : 

- Vodafone cash : 01027928910

- CIB: 100040903528

- Or Visit Perfect braces Academy

Terms and Conditions :

1. The trainee has the right to get back all the money before attending the course or if he / she is not satisfied after the first day.

2. If he / she did not attend the course, the money would be returned to him / her, or he / she would be given the opportunity to attend the next course (in the coming month)

3. The average hours is 8 hours starting from 10 am

4. The course will be held in the academic headquarters in Giza Square

5. First, the theoretical part will be discussed in 4 hours, then the practical part.

6. Videos and handouts will be taken and capturing photos in the lessons will be allowed.

7. There will be a facebook group for questions and inquiries.

+202 35729188
+20 102 792 8910
6th floor Elabd building – Salah Salem street – Giza square, Giza . Egypt